Join us this year at the Beardstown Fall Fun Festival for a Human Foosball game!

Just like tabletop foosball, but about 50 times bigger! It’s non-stop action to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team, all the while by keeping your position in the inflatable court. Get a team of 6 together, and join this new fun tradition at the event.
Cost is only $5.00 per person ($30.00 per team). Winning Team takes half of all proceeds.

Download the Foosball Entry Form Here.

Beardstown Fall Fun Festival Human Foosball RULES 2018

    • 6 players per team: 1 goalie, 3 midfield and 2 front members. Team must wear matching color shirts

    • Substitute players are welcome, 1 substitute allowed per period.

    • No switching positions during game time. ONLY at Substitution time.

    • 3 TEN minute periods per game.

    • All players must be over the age of 15.

    • Both hands must be on the bar at all times FOR ALL PLAYERS. No hanging on the bars. Foul will be called if you let go!

    • It is an Automatic Foul, no matter who kicks the ball, when any player is hit above the shoulders; including if you kick the ball into your own face by ricochet or at your teammate.

    • Fouls received for leaving your post, removing your hands from bar, kicking ball into person above the shoulders.

    • Chicken wings welcome… as long as the hands remain on the bar you can use your elbows.

    • No intentional repeated kicks out of bounds.

    • Fouls are rewarded with Goal Point attempts. Kicker depends on # of fouls:1-2 fouls, Goalie kicks. 3-5 fouls, Midfielder kicks. 6 or more fouls, front liner kicks.

    • Each team is allowed 1 ‘15 sec time out’ for substitution or huddle, per game period.

  • Referees have the final say on all issues.

Download the Foosball Rules Here.